Seeding Predictions – March 9 (end of play)

1 Seed:  Villanova, North Carolina, Kansas, Gonzaga

2 Seed:  Oregon, UCLA, Kentucky, Louisville

3 Seed:  Arizona, West Virginia, Baylor, Florida

4 Seed:  Purdue, Cincinnati, Florida State, Duke

5 Seed:  Southern Methodist, Notre Dame, Virginia, Butler

6 Seed:  Maryland, Iowa State, Minnesota, Wisconsin

7 Seed:  St. Mary’s, Virginia Tech, Creighton, Miami (FL)

8 Seed:  Wichita State, Dayton, South Carolina, VCU

9 Seed:  Arkansas, Northwestern, Michigan, Seton Hall

10 Seed:  Oklahoma State, Michigan State, USC, Providence

11 Seed:  Xavier, Middle Tennessee State, Marquette, {Rhode Island – Vanderbilt}

12 Seed:  {Wake Forest – Illinois State}, UNC-Wilmington, Vermont, Nevada

13 Seed:  East Tennessee State, Princeton, UT-Arlington, Akron

14 Seed:  Bucknell, Cal-Bakersfield, FGCU, Winthrop

15 Seed:  Iona, Northern Kentucky, UC-Irvine, Jacksonville State

16 Seed:  UNC-Central, South Dakota State, {North Dakota -Mt. St. Mary’s}, {New Orleans – Texas Southern}

Last 4 In: Rhode Island, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, Illinois State

First 4 Out:  Cal, Kansas State, TCU, Syracuse

Others considered (in order):  Georgia Tech, Indiana, Clemson, Illinois, Iowa, Georgia, Houston

Seeding Predictions – March 9 (end of play)

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