December 17 Seeding Predictions

1 Seed:  Kansas, Duke, Tennessee, Virginia

2 Seed:  Michigan, Nevada, Auburn, North Carolina

3 Seed:  Gonzaga, Michigan State, Mississippi State, Florida State

4 Seed:  Virginia Tech, Kentucky, Indiana, Kansas State

5 Seed:  Butler, Cincinnati, Nebraska, Texas Tech

6 Seed:  Villanova, TCU, West Virginia, Texas

7 Seed:  Houston, Wisconsin, Louisville, Oregon

8 Seed:  Marquette, Syracuse, NC State, Purdue

9 Seed:  Washington, Buffalo, Central Florida, Minnesota

10 Seed:  Saint Louis, Ohio State, Oklahoma, LSU

11 Seed:  St. John’s, Maryland, Iowa State, {Arizona State- Iowa}

12 Seed:  {Providence – Florida}, South Dakota State, Old Dominion, Loyola (IL)

13 Seed:  Furman, Lipscomb, New Mexico State, Belmont

14 Seed:  College of Charleston, Vermont, UC Irvine, Yale

15 Seed:  Northern Kentucky, Montana, Georgia State, Rider

16 Seed:  Radford, Lehigh, {Abilene Christian – Howard}, {St. Francis (PA) – Texas Southern}

Last 4 In:  Arizona State, Iowa, Providence, Florida

First 4 Out:  Creighton, Clemson, Xavier, Davidson

Others considered (in order):  UConn, UCLA, Notre Dame, Miami (FL), Arkansas, Arizona, San Francisco, Seton Hall, Penn State, Utah State, Colorado, Alabama, Temple, Vanderbilt, Boston College, Ole Miss,

In:  Arizona State, Florida, Loyola (IL)

Out: UCLA, Davidson, Southern Illinois


UP 2: Texas Tech, Oregon, NC State,

UP 1:  North Carolina, Indiana, Kansas State, Nebraska, Texas, Houston, Louisville, Central Florida, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Maryland, Iowa State, Old Dominion, Lipscomb, Belmont, Yale

DOWN 1: Gonzaga, Minnesota, Saint Louis, LSU, St. John’s, Providence, Furman, College of Charleston, Vermont, Northern Kentucky

DOWN 2: Villanova, West Virginia, Marquette, Syracuse, Washington


December 17 Seeding Predictions

6 thoughts on “December 17 Seeding Predictions

  1. CD says:

    Your Big 12 teams are a bit of a mess. I can help with that. Kansas State a 4 seed?….no. Who have they beaten? They are more like a 9/10 seed as of now. West Virginia shouldn’t even be considered….they aren’t making the tournament unless things change drastically. Texas is, at best, a 10 seed. You should swap Texas and Oklahoma.

    A couple of others:
    I’m not sure what Kentucky has done to merit a 4 seed.
    Purdue shouldn’t even be in the field.
    Butler is closer to a 8/9 seed….based on accomplishments thus far.
    Oregon should be on the bubble line….not a 7 seed…..same goes for Syracuse.


    1. Hi CD, thanks for reading.

      As a contributor to the BracketMatrix, my goal isn’t to present seedings that make any sense to me whatsoever – it’s an attempt to predict what the committee will decide. Hence the boost for Butler and Kentucky (always overseeded), for example.

      Purdue is mediocre, but somehow sits high up in most metrics right now. I split the difference.



      1. CD says:

        So….from what I gather, your seedings are more of a projection of what you anticipate the field will look like in March? If so, then that would clarify some of my questions. However, I still believe you need to remove West Virginia from the field. Too many holes on their team and poor PG play with no Jevon Carter this year. Good Luck!


      1. There’s a few answers I could give you…first, there’s some attempt to project future games, so the seedings don’t necessarily represent what I think they’ll look like if today was Selection Sunday. Second, as a contributor to the Bracket Matrix, these seeding predictions aren’t even completely in line with what I think they should be – they represent what I think the committee will do.
        And third, we’re far enough into the season that head-to-head results aren’t the only deciding factor in relative seeds. Otherwise I’d need to put Villanova below Furman and Kansas below ASU, which would be ridiculous.

        Ohio State is a good team, and if they outperform my projections they’ll definitely move up.


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