February 18 Seeding Predictions

1 Seed:  Gonzaga, Duke, Virginia, Kentucky

2 Seed:  Tennessee, North Carolina, Kansas, Michigan

3 Seed:  Michigan State, Houston, Marquette, Purdue

4 Seed:  Nevada, Florida State, Texas Tech, Iowa State

5 Seed:  Virginia Tech, Wisconsin, LSU, Louisville

6 Seed:  Iowa, Villanova, Maryland, Cincinnati

7 Seed:  Buffalo, Auburn, Washington, Kansas State

8 Seed:  Mississippi State, Mississippi, St. John’s, TCU

9 Seed:  Baylor, Oklahoma, Syracuse, Ohio State

10 Seed:  Texas, Central Florida, Wofford, VCU

11 Seed:  Utah State, North Carolina State, Seton Hall, Nebraska

12 Seed:  {Arizona State-Davidson}, {Minnesota-Florida}, Lipscomb, New Mexico State

13 Seed:  Belmont, Hofstra, Yale, Vermont

14 Seed:  Old Dominion, UC-Irvine, Texas State, South Dakota State

15 Seed:  Drake, Montana, Northern Kentucky, Radford

16 Seed:  Bucknell, Sam Houston State, {Prairie View – Quinnipiac}, {St. Francis (PA) – Norfolk State}

Last 4 In:  Arizona State, Minnesota, Florida, Davidson

First 4 Out:  Temple, Alabama, Clemson, San Francisco

Others considered (in order):  Indiana, Saint Mary’s, Butler, Furman, Toledo, Murray State, Oregon State, Fresno State, Creighton, Liberty, Oregon, Arkansas, Georgetown

In:  Florida, Davidson, Drake, Quinnipiac

Out: Alabama, Clemson, Loyola (IL), Monmouth


UP 3:  St. John’s

UP 2:  VCU

UP 1:  Kentucky, Kansas, Iowa State, LSU, Cincinnati, Washington, Mississippi, Wofford, Seton Hall, Nebraska, UC-Irvine

DOWN 1:  Tennessee, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Villanova, Auburn, TCU, Ohio State, Utah State, Lipscomb, Northern Kentucky

DOWN 2:  Texas

DOWN 3:  Virginia Tech, Nebraska

February 18 Seeding Predictions

4 thoughts on “February 18 Seeding Predictions

    1. Sadly, there have been more games played this season than that one UK-LSU game with a controversial ending.

      The great thing about your comment is that you made it after the AP Poll came out this week, which has Kentucky in position for a #1 seed and LSU a #4.


  1. Bruce says:

    Very true, one game isn’t everything but it is getting very late into the season. The two teams have similar SOS, same record and LSU won on their court. They should have similar seeds.


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